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Recent Notable Results

*results depend on the facts and circumstances of each individual case and are not a predictor of future performance


State v. E.M. (May 7, 2018), Canton Ohio OVI 2nd Offense Breath Test Case - reduced to Physical Control   

State v. S.S. (April 9, 2018), Canton Ohio OVI High Tier Breath Test Case - reduced to low tier   

State v. C.A. (March 26, 2018), First Offense OVI Breath Test Case - reduced to Physical Control. 0 Points on record, $100 fine, No Jail or 3 day DIP, license susp. reduced to 90 days.   

State v. A.E. (March 22, 2018), First Offense OVI High Tier Breath Test Case - reduced to low tier   

State v. C.N. (Massillon Municipal Court March 19, 2018), First Offense OVI High Tier Breath Test Case - No Jail/DIP license suspension reduced to 6 months  

State v. J.J. (January 25, 2018 ),First Offense OVI Breath Test Case - DUI Charges Reduced to Reckless Operation (saved Military Career)     

State v. J.B. (January 4, 2018 New Philadelphia Municipal Court), Second Offense OVI in 10 years - 3rd DUI Lifetime - OVI Accident Case - Charges Reduced to Physical Control    

State v. M.M (December 6, 2017), Underage OVI - reduced to Reckless Operation    

State v. H.B. (September 12, 2017), Underage OVI - reduced to Reckless Operation    

State v. R.C. (September 5, 2017), Canton, Ohio OVI  (DUI Checkpoint) - Dismissed    

State v. A.T. (August 28, 2017), OVI -  amended to Physical Control    

State v. A.M. (August 18, 2017), OVI -  amended to Physical Control    

State v. M.M (July 28, 2017), Massillon, Ohio Underage DUI, OVI DUS -  DUS Dismissed DUI amended to Reckless Operation    

State v. P.M. (July 25, 2017), Canton, Ohio OVI w/ Refusal in 20yr - amended to Physical Control    

State v. E.G. (July 24, 2017), Marijuana OVI w/ Prior OVI Reduction - case dismissed   

State v. N.K., (July 17, 2017) OVI 1st Offense amended to Underage OMVUAC  

State v. B.S. (May 25, 2017), OVI 1st Offense Dismissed  

State v. N.W. (May 24, 2017), OVI 1st Offense reduced to Underage Drinking and Driving  

State v. M.S. (Apr. 26 2017), Massillon, Ohio OVI .134 BAC reduced to Physical Control after suppression hearing (saved Client's Career) 

State v. A.D. (Apr. 25, 2017), OVI .140 BAC reduced to Reckless Operation after suppression hearing

State v. B.W. (March 23, 2017), OVI Refusal reduced to Reckless Operation due to Suppression Issue with Field Sobriety Tests

State v. N. H. (March 22, 2017) Canton, Ohio OVI First Offense Dismissed

State v. S.R. (March 22, 2017), Massillon, Ohio OVI Accident reduced to Reckless Operation after .134 breath test results excluded

State v. K.L. (March 21, 2017), Marijuana OVI Dismissed

State v. T.B. (Jan. 24, 2017), Underage OVI (OVMUAC) reduced to Reckless Operation due to Suppression Issues

State v. E.R. (Jan. 3, 2017), OVI First Offense reduced to Physical Control due to suppression issues

Facing DUI charges in the Massillon Municipal Court? What to Expect

First, we don’t want to scare you. You are scared enough already. But, we do want to prepare you. Massillon is tough on DUI’s (called OVI in Ohio). If you have had a prior OVI, you will be facing more than the minimum penalties. Even if it is a first offense, depending on the Judge and other circumstances, you could be looking at increased penalties. To increase the likelihood of receiving the lowest possible penalties, or beating a Massillon DUI completely, there is no question that you need a Massillon DUI Attorney. If the Canton Municipal Court is hearing your case, you need a Canton, Ohio DUI Lawyer.

Massillon Municipal Court Arraignment

At your Arraignment the Judge will read the charges and possible penalties to you and then he will ask you to enter a Plea. You will have three options: Guilty, No Contest, or Not Guilty. Please contact a Massillon DUI Lawyer to get specific advice for your case. However, we almost always recommend that you enter a Not Guilty Plea. Following your plea you will be assigned a Pretrial Date and you may be sent for booking at the Massillon Police Station.

Pretrial at the Massillon Municipal Court

Your Lawyer will generally file several time sensitive documents such as Request for Discovery, Motion to Preserve Evidence, ALS Appeal, Motion for Leave to File Motion to Suppress. The evidence is usually not available by the first Pretrial and the matter is often set for a second Pretrial. Typically, by the Second Pretrial, your lawyer has had the opportunity to review all the evidence and is prepared to discuss your options, defenses, strengths, weaknesses and possible outcomes and possible penalties. No attorney can predict the future with 100% precision. But, to get the most reliable opinion, we recommend that you hire a Massillon DUI Attorney who knows the law and is familiar with the court.

Will Massillon Reduce a DUI?

Yes, but you’ll need to make a strong legal argument to have enough leverage to get a reduction. Prosecutors will only reduce a DUI if they believe they could lose at trial. You will need an experienced Massillon DUI Lawyer to investigate and gather the evidence, analyze the facts, conduct extensive legal research, file proper motions to exclude evidence (such as breath test results), and make a winning argument at trial. Prosecutors know if you don’t have an experienced lawyer, you don’t have a chance. But, if you have the right lawyer, and the right case, then they will plea bargain.

Can I beat a DUI / OVI in the Massillon Municipal Court?

Every case is different, but an experienced Massillon DUI Attorney can beat a DUI charge. For example, if the police officer did not have probable cause or reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle, your lawyer will file a Motion to Suppress to exclude all the evidence gathered from the illegal stop (field sobriety tests/FST, breath tests, ect.). If the officer did not have reasonable suspicion of impairment to give you FST the evidence gathered could be excluded. If the officer failed to conduct the FST in substantial compliance with NHTSA standards the evidence gathered could be excluded. If the officer did not have Probable Cause to arrest you the evidence could be excluded. If the police failed to comply with the multitude of regulations regarding breath testing, urine and blood tests, the evidence could be excluded. If the state cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt you (1) operated a motor vehicle; (2) in the court’s jurisdiction; and (3) were over a prohibited level or were under the influence of alcohol or a drug of abuse you will be found not guilty. Learn more about the Best Massillon DUI Defenses here.

How long is the license suspension for a DUI in Massillon? Could I go to Jail for a DUI? What are the other Penalties for a DUI in Massillon?

We recommend that you contact a Massillon DUI Lawyer to answer questions like these. Each case presents different facts and circumstances that determine the answer. But, you can learn about the possible penalties for a Massillon DUI here.

Can I get driving privileges in Massillon for a DUI / OVI?

Generally, yes. But, it depends on your case. There are multiple rules and regulations surrounding driving privileges. Please call a Massillon DUI Attorney for specific advice.

Can a DUI be expunged / sealed?

Unless the case is dismissed or you are found Not Guilty, you cannot get a DUI record expunged or sealed.

Could a DUI affect my job / career?

A DUI can have devastating effects on certain jobs and careers. It is difficult to impossible to predict how every employer will deal with a DUI conviction, but if you drive for work, are a professional, are licensed, work with kids, work with prescription drugs, work for the government, a DUI conviction is more likely to be a problem.

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