Grimsley Title Agency, Ltd.

Title Insurance

Chicago Title Insurance Company Agent

Attorney Brian L. Grimsley, owner and manager of Grimsley Title Agency, Ltd., is an Ohio Chicago Title Insurance Company Agent and a Florida Chicago Title Insurance Company Agent. Chicago Title Company requires its agents to meet high standards and provide professional services.

Old Republic Title Insurance Company Agent

Attorney Brian L. Grimsley is also an Ohio Old Republic Title Insurance Agent. Old Republic has an outstanding reputation in the title insurance industry and has been serving the title industry for over a century. Old Republic Title Insurance Agency only recruits agents who are highly skilled, professional and experienced.

Celebrating 20 Years in the Title Insurance Industry

In December of 2012, Grimsley Title Agency, Ltd. celebrated its 20th year of business in the title industry.

Please note, Grimsley Title Agency, Ltd. and Grimsley Offinner, LLC are completely separate and distinct entities. You are by no means required to use the services of Grimsley Title as a condition to receiving representation by Grimsley Offinneer. Furthermore, you are also not required to use the services of Grimsley Offineer as a condition of using the services of Grimsley Title. Please also be cautioned and aware that as a client of Grimsley Title, the rules and regulations governing a lawyer-client relationship do not apply. However, they absolutely apply if you are a client of Grimsley Offineer.